Five Hole


He knew it was goalie interference…but she still scored.

What’s that old saying, “It’s a dirty bird [indeed] that fouls its own nest.” For Remy Stone, it is his goalie Coach Brook Pierson that he is instantly attracted to the moment she stepped into the locker room. He tries to make every excuse to dislike her, but the more grief he gives her, the deeper he falls. Rarer situations happen, but meeting your soulmate on the ice isn’t anticipated. Things can get way personal faster than you expect when you’re attracted to your coach. His persistence to win at her game could be a downright disaster and ruin their careers.

Brook battles him to follow her direction on the ice, until one day when he asks for help with sorting out his issues. She likes this kinder side of Remy than his normal brooding self. Brook knows in the back of her head that maybe this isn’t a good idea to lust after her one of her players, but they are clearly attracted to each other, and she tries to resist temptations.

From the moment, they kissed, they knew it would wreak havoc on their lives.