Must Wait


A curse, as he calls his life. Tragic loss left Pedro Araya alone to raise his only infant son. He must focus on raising his son properly and run his family farm in Costa Rica. He cannot expose his son to Katie the sultry unyielding vixen that has him falling in love. Pedro understood that he could not have it all. He was meant to be alone and must remain inexperienced in love.

Katie is ruthless in pursuing the wholesome farmer. She gets what she wants and if she doesn’t, she will unleash with her wicked temper.

Pedro knows that she is all wrong for him. He is a simple man and he is no match for the spoiled naughty Katie and her scandalous famous family.

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3.7 rating based on 10 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 1492853259
ISBN-13: 9781492853251
Goodreads: 18801462

Author(s): Publisher: CreateSpace
Published: 11/7/2013





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